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3 Simple Ways To Boost Email Conversion Rate

3 Ways To Boost Email Conversion Rates

There are countless tactics to optimize your email conversion rate. Most of them are based on landing page conversion optimization, conversion funnel or your website as a whole. All of the above are definitely a key factor as most conversions take place on your website.

But that’s not the topic I intend to discuss today. The focus for this article is on strategies you can implement in your email marketing campaigns that can positively boost the chance of conversion (registration, inquiry, purchase …).

Besides the most common recommendations such as CTAs, A/B testing emails, personalization, unified user experience from emails to your landing page and segmentation, I’m going to show you three less often utilized tactics:

1. Adapt your email content to your intent

Here’s a research by Remarkety in which they compared open rates, clicks and conversion rates based on the type of e-mails.

Research showed email campaigns with a strictly defined content brought in better results compared to email blasts to entire contact lists (hopefully you’re saying »duuuuh«right now, right?!).

KPI’s by email types – Source Remarkety

General email newsletters are OK to let your subscribers know what’s going on in your company but it is understandable that they do not fetch the best conversion rates. This is why you should think about broadening your email types.

1.1. Order follow up email

Recurring purchase is statistically proven to be a lot higher then new customer conversion rate. Here are a few order follow up strategies:

  • Offer them complementary products
  • Ask them if they are running low on your product (extra question, if you sell non-durable goods,do you know the average time frame in which your average user goes through your product?)
  • Ask your customers for a review of the bought items (thus returning them to your website where you can hook them with an up-sell/x-sell/etc. –> you get the picture)
  • Reward them with a “regular client” discount


1.2. Reactivate inactive customers

Clients or newsletter subscribers tend to forget about you, especially if you’ve been sending out generic newsletters.

However these users are pure gold for your business. You already know they trusted you enough to buy from you once so why not do it again? Judging by the before mentioned research you can also see that these users can have a very high email conversion rate.

Few ideas to reactivate inactive customers:

  • Offer them a special discount
  • Notify them about a special offer that could – based on their purchase history – interest them
  • Ask for their opinion. Go with simple questions, for instance, what they think you should change to increase their interest in your newsletter campaigns. A part of inactive customers might unsubscribe but their reactivation level was already low, however you might encourage others to re-engage with your company!


1.3. Abandoned Carts

So much talk about the cart abandonment yet I still see a lot of missed opportunities. It’s a fairly known tactics – use marketing automation email in conjunction with your e-commerce store to improve conversion rate. Then you send an automated email inviting them to complete their purchase.

As an extra treat you can offer them free delivery or a small gift if they complete the purchase in the next 24 hours.

A word of warning though, users have become quite acquainted with these techniques and might quickly get spoiled.

1.4. Follow Up With New Registrations

Marketing automation can help you push newly registered users down the conversion funnel at a quick pace.

These are users who have shown interest in your company and services, or have seen great value because of which they signed up.

Look at this for your perspective, if you made a connection with someone, would it be easier for you to have a conversation soon after meeting them or after half a year when they jump at you with a full blown sales pitch? Thought so.

So go ahead and prepare a »welcome« series of newsletters that will offer your registered users extra value, such as in-depth information regarding your vertical.

2. “Once in a lifetime offer” doesn’t mean ghosting your users

Constant bombardment with spammy or sales emails isn’t the best way to go about email marketing. But neither is the exact opposite extreme.

Sending a single email campaign (possibly from a [email protected] address) with your top notch sales pitch. Then nothing, you’re done… And your clients have effectively been ghosted.

Do Not Ghost Your Email Subscribers
Don’t ghost your subscribers!

Users get an insane amount of emails in their promotions tabs (yes, most of your users,unless you are a B2B company, will be using Gmail) on a daily basis. This means your single email will get lost.

Battle this with a three step approach:

  • Mention your news/offer/product in the first email
  • Send a second email as a reminder to users who have not engaged with the first email. Include all the important details!
  • Wrap up the series with a third and final reminder in which you highlight your extra offer.

You can combine this approach with tactics from the first advice. For instance, make a three step email approach for abandoned carts –> first a reminder, second free delivery if they buy today. While priceless when it comes to email conversion rate optimization, this will be almost impossible without marketing automation scenarios. So go research it if you haven’t yet!

3. Coupons improve email conversion rate

Plain and simple –> coupons work. While not liked by some companies as they can devalue a brand, they sure can provide a boost of your email conversion rate.

Coupon Email Conversion Rate
Source Remarkety

So instead of a coupon for everything let’s do this a bit more strategically:

  • Coupon personalization: “Hey John, it’s been three months since your last purchase.Seeing you are a great customer, we decided to give you a 10% coupon for your next purchase!”
  • Special coupons: Offer a discount for the exact category that the user was interested in or even for the product that they left abandoned in their cart.
  • Reward users for their next purchase: If they complete a purchase for 100 e he gets a 10 € discount on the next order. This helps you increase your returning purchase rates and help grow brand relationship.

Just don’t forget the first rule in marketing. Make it simple and easy to use. If it slows down the purchase process, then you might lose more then you gain.

I’m looking at all of you who implement online/offline/online etc. labyrinths to get a 2.6% discount. Jeeez!

Whatever technique you decide to implement, don’t forget what I wrote in the beginning. This is just the start: if your conversion funnels, checkouts … are off, you need to improve on those segments ASAP!

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